January 26th Newsletter
Today’s Scripture: Genesis 6 – Noah and the Great Flood
 Memory Verse: Blessed are those who fear the Lord -- walk in His ways! Psalm 128:1 (NLT)
Today, we talked about a guy who was stuck in an itty bitty living space with a lot of really big animals! It smelled. It was cramped. It was uncomfortable. But he did it because it was God’s plan, and He knew that God’s plan is the best plan.
Noah was told he was crazy, and he probably felt pretty crazy too! But he trusted in God because God had a good track record. God had never let him down before. God’s plan had never not worked before. So Noah trusted him.
And God came through! God called Noah off the boat, and He used Noah’s family to repopulate the earth. He put a rainbow in the sky as a sign to everyone that He would never flood the earth again. It was a promise to everyone.
The rainbow reminds us of this promise, but it also reminds us that God can take even the stormiest of seasons in our lives, and He can make something beautiful out of them.